Worksite Assessment

A worksite assessment is a general assessment undertaken by a physiotherapist or occupational therapist to obtain an overview of the workplace and determine the availability of suitable duties for an individual worker.

In order to ensure that a safe and suitable placement occurs, a worksite assessment may be requested prior to placing a worker back in the workplace.

When is a worksite assessment needed?

A worksite assessment may be required in the following circumstances:

  • the worker is certified fit to perform restricted duties but the treating doctor has expressed some doubts about providing medical clearance for pre-injury duties
  • the availability and/or suitability of duties need to be ascertained
  • the worker’s supervisor and co-workers need assistance to understand recommended work restrictions and safe work methods
  • advice is required regarding workplace design, modification, or provision of aids and appliances to maintain a durable return to work.

The therapist uses their knowledge of the worker’s diagnosis, pathology and prognosis to determine the suitability of tasks and to identify return to work requirements. CHG’s team of experienced therapists are highly effective in coordinating these services and in communicating with all parties involved in a worksite assessment – a critical element to ensure a positive return to work outcome is achieved.

To find out more, contact the Mile End Clinic on (08) 8354 9200 or email us.

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