Job Dictionary

A Job Dictionary documents the physical demands of all jobs within an organisation and is an integral part of an effective injury prevention and management program.   A job dictionary is designed to help both the business owner and the medical professionals they work with.  A CHG job dictionary is written in clear, easy to understand text with photos used to clearly illustrate work postures and the environment.

A job dictionary:

  • details maximum physical job demands, which can be used to develop targeted pre-employment functional tests
  • details the routine physical demands of all jobs, allowing an employer to develop effective job rotations to provide variation in work tasks.
  • is a critical part of the return to work process for injured workers because it details all physical aspects of a worker’s job. Treating medical practitioners can use this to more accurately guide the return to work process.   
  • can reduce the need for individual Work Site Assessments associated with a particular workers compensation claim, decreasing individual claim costs and time delays.

CHG’s team of medical experts has extensive experience in preparing Job Dictionaries which can be produced in hard copy as well as in secure electronic form. To find out more, contact the Mile End Clinic on (08) 8354 9200 or email us.

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