What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is relating people to their work, using knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and mechanical principles that affect the efficient use of human energy. When designing equipment or processes, ergonomics uses theory, principles and data to optimise the well-being of people and system performance.

Ergonomics promotes a holistic approach in which considerations of physical, cognitive, social, organisational, environmental and other factors are taken into account.

Ergonomics and CHG

CHG provides specialised services in physical ergonomics. This is concerned with anatomical, anthropometric, physiological and biomechanical characteristics of people and workplaces as they relate to physical activity. Specialist areas include working postures, materials handling, repetitive movements, work related musculoskeletal disorders, workplace layout, safety and health.

Ergonomic Interventions:

The team of CHG ergonomists provide specialised services including:

  • office ergonomics – this includes workstation assessments and group training sessions along with train-the-trainer style presentations.  Interventions can be tailored to your specific needs.
  • prescription of correct seating
  • analysis of new or existing equipment used in the workplace. This can be particularly useful in identifying causes of musculo-skeletal problems or in the selection of new equipment.
  • identification of injury risk factors within work systems
  • medico-legal ergonomic assessments
  • manual handling solutions

Using a coordinated, problem-solving approach which involves both management and operational staff, we have partnered with employers to implement practical solutions to many musculo-skeletal problems.

Helen Moody, Certified Professional Ergonomist, leads the team of ergonomists and is based at the CHG Clinic at Mile End. To find out more, contact the Mile End Clinic on (08) 8354 9200 or email us.

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