Pre-employment Psychological Screening

Ensuring a candidate has the right personal attributes and skills is as important as ensuring they are physically suited to the demands of the job.

There are very good reasons to use pre-employment psychological screening as a part of a recruitment process, working in tandem with medical and functional assessments. Pre-employment psychological screening conducted by CHG psychologists can help you:

  • identify the most suitable person for the job
  • identify characteristics such as risk taking behaviour which can be associated with greater propensity for injury
  • decrease staff turnover and the wasted time and money associated with a poor recruitment outcome
  • increase employee and employer satisfaction
  • allow for the safety of both the candidate and current staff – screening can establish whether the candidate may exhibit any behaviours or characteristics that are not consistent with the culture of the organisation

Pre-employment psychological screening can assess:

  • Intelligence – many forms of assessment are available to indicate abilities in verbal and non-verbal tasks. Assessments can be extended to consider emotional intelligence which can indicate the extent of self-awareness, resilience, influence and integrity.
  • Personality – many forms of assessment are available to identify traits relevant to the workplace, for example whether a person:
    • displays dominant or passive behaviours
    • can adapt to change or enjoys a static job role
    • can work in a team or solitary environment
    • is likely to be perceived as warm and forceful
  • Aptitude and skills – a range of assessments can be used to assess particular skills and aptitudes, including:
    • management skills – decisiveness, creativity, conflict management, risk taking, negotiation, adaptability.
    • administrative skills – verbal checking, numerical reasoning, spelling and grammar
    • customer service – team work, motivation, sales disposition, assertiveness
  • Clinical measures – a range of assessments are available to screen for current symptomology arising from disorders such as depression, anxiety or personality disorders. This tool is primarily used for staff returning to work following the experience of symptoms of mental illness and to therefore assess suitability and safety of their return to work. These assessments are conducted in accordance with equal opportunity legislation.

    To find out more contact the CHG Consultancy Team on (08) 8352 9800 or email us.
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