Drug and Alcohol Screening

CHG offers a complete suite of services through which an employer can identify the presence of certain drugs in pre-employment candidates and their existing workforce. A urine drug screen (UDS) can be conducted as part of the pre-employment medical process, through random drug screening or drug screening for cause programs.

The tests used by CHG screen for five classes of drugs - opiates, amphetamines, cannabis metabolites, cocaine metabolites and benzodiazepines.

A site screen provides an instant positive or negative result for the five classes of drugs. If the initial result is positive, the specimen is sent to the laboratory for confirmation. The alternative option is for all specimens to be sent directly to the laboratory for testing. A positive/negative result will then be available in 24 hours. In both cases the confirmation result normally takes about 48 hours.

An alternative to urine screening is Oral Fluid (Saliva) testing which has a 24 hour window of detection. Oral fluid is a less invasive test and is recommended for random drug screening of employees.

This screen tests for amphetamines, methamphetamines, cocaine, cannabis, opiates and PCP (angel dust). This also provides an instant positive or negative result to a drug class, and confirmation of a preliminary positive result takes about 48 hours.

CHG has the capability to meet any employer’s requirements with respect to alcohol and drug testing, including the provision of consultancy services for the development and review of workplace alcohol and drug policies. See our webpage on Drug and Alcohol Services to find out more.

To find out more, contact CHG on (08) 8354 9800 or email us.

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