CHG’s onsite physiotherapy is a proven approach to early management and prevention of work related injuries.  CHG is able to provide onsite physiotherapy service from as little as three hours per week up to 30+ hours per week.  A CHG onsite physiotherapist is able to provide:

  • diagnosis and management of employee’s musculoskeletal complaints
  • on-site job assessment and pre employment functional capacity evaluations.
  • development and implementation of injury prevention programs
  • education and training for employees on injury prevention and safe work practices
  • risk assessment for manual handling and ergonomic risks in the workplace
  • improved communication directly with team leaders, onsite health and safety staff and treating doctors
  • decreased production loss by removing travel time to appointments.

CHG has experience with providing onsite physiotherapy services for large employers in a range of diverse industries including mining, manufacturing, production, warehousing and distribution.  Across these diverse workplaces CHG has implemented programs that have been tailored to each organisation’s changing needs.

Benefits of an On-site Service

By providing immediate diagnosis and treatment options for employees onsite, musculoskeletal complaints can be managed before they impact on an employee’s ability to work comfortably and safely.  This reduces the number of complaints that become workers compensation claims.

CHG Physiotherapists

Physiotherapy is a broad and diverse profession, areas of expertise range from paediatrics to cardio-respiratory, from neurology to sports.  CHG employs physiotherapists who are specialised in the field of Occupational Health Physiotherapy.

Occupational Health Physiotherapists have a detailed knowledge of the interaction between anatomy, physiology, pathology, function and the workplace.  They understand;

  • how an injury impacts on a worker’s capacity to undertake duties
  • how workplace injuries can be cumulative, not just acute sprains and strains
  • how non-work related injuries still impact on the workplace
  • how to modify and graduate worker’s duties to allow safe and sustainable return to work
  • how vital communication is between medical providers, the worker and the employer.

The role of an onsite physiotherapist expands beyond assessment and treatment to include a review of workplace injury trends, developing injury prevention strategies, implementing suitable return to work strategies and integrating physiotherapy with the organisation’s broader health and safety goals

Integration of on-site physiotherapy with existing medical services

A unique advantage of using a CHG on-site physiotherapist is our ability to integrate our services with the medical services provided through the CHG clinics at Mile End, Gillman and Elizabeth Vale. This unique opportunity leads to cooperation between providers and strong communication that:

  • ensures a unified approach to each client – with consistent messages presented by both providers
  • facilitates more timely communication between doctor and physiotherapist,
  • ensures that return to work recommendations from doctors are able to be reviewed by the onsite physiotherapist.

To find out more, contact the Mile End Clinic on (08) 8354 9200 or email us.

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