Employee Health Assessment

For over 20 years, CHG has been assisting companies throughout Australia make a crucial investment in their most important asset – their people. CHG partners with employers to improve the health status of employees through employee health assessments, which are aimed at:

  • providing a snapshot of an individual’s and workplace’s current health status
  • increasing awareness of relevant health issues
  • educating and motivating employees on strategies to help initiate healthy behavioural change
  • using the organisation’s health profile to develop targeted workplace health promotion programs
  • referring high risk individuals to their GP or other appropriate health professional for follow-up and management

All tests and counselling are conducted onsite by tertiary qualified health professionals with extensive experience in individual health counselling.

Common Employee Health Assessments

Heart Risk Profile: 20 minute assessment including analysis and counselling regarding body composition, heart health, blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol (the most accurate point of care analysis system available in Australia is used to measure HDL and Risk ratio)

Heart Risk Profile, Nutritional Profile and Fitness Assessment: 40 minute assessment including the full heart risk profile with the addition of a nutritional profile, a sub-maximal fitness assessment on a bicycle ergometer and associated counselling.

Comprehensive Health Assessment, Health Age Profiling & Counselling: A 60 minute assessment can include all of the assessment types above along with a back risk assessment, stress profile, hearing screen, vision screen, lung function assessment and goal setting profile. CHG is the leading occupational health promotion organisation in the use of the ‘40UP Health Age Program’ developed by Dr Kevin Norton, Neil Craig, the University of South Australia and a variety of medical and public health professionals.

A variety of other health promotion initiatives can be implemented post assessment to ensure ongoing lifestyle change is achieved.

“The consultant was very professional, friendly and helpful. Great check up and advice for the future. Look forward to checking my improvements next year!” Staff Member, Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure, 2009

To find out more, contact our Health Promotion Team on (08) 8354 9800 or email us.

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