Online Health Information

Regularly communicating with your workforce about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle is an important part of an integrated health promotion program. CHG can provide health tips, newsletters, health articles for intranet sites and an online health promotion program to provide staff with the latest and well researched health information.

Health tips

Monthly health tips can be supplied at a minimal cost to your organisation, or even FREE of charge to CHG’s ongoing health promotion clients. These monthly health tips cover the latest information on a range of key health topics. The health tips are presented as colourful flyers that can be displayed around the workplace or emailed to staff.

As well as improving health knowledge, the health tips are also an excellent method of keeping staff motivated and assisting cultural change within the workplace.


CHG can produce an introduction Healthy Newsletter to help launch your health promotion program or a quarterly production to keep your staff regularly updated with the latest health information. Newsletters are tailored to your workplace and branded with your company logo

Intranet Sites

CHG produce a range of quality health articles as well as provide links to the government and health agencies that are most relevant to your workforce.

Online Program

CHG integrate Australia’s leading and most interactive online health program into some of our most successful health promotion programs.

To find out more, contact the Health Promotion Team on (08) 8354 9800 or email us.

Health Promotion
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