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Continuum of Care

At CHG, we understand the importance of your investment in workplace health and safety and the need for all parties to work together to achieve desired results. It's about the journey of care that involves the employer, the worker and us. We call it the CHG Continuum of Care.

We partner with you along the continuum from recruitment to retirement - from the day you decided to hire a new employee to the day that employee retires and for all the days in between. CHG ensures that everyone understands the importance of learning, promoting and managing together for a workplace health and safety solution that lasts.

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Before you employ your people...

CHG offers a specialised and tailored range of assessments to support you in your important recruitment decisions. A crucial first step in injury prevention for your future workforce, CHG's pre-employment assessments determine a candidate's ability to safely perform the demands of the job. The assessments that can help you before you employ your people include:

Helping you develop and manage your people...

CHG is a Registered Training Organisation and offers a variety of training courses and education programs in the areas of workplace safety, injury management, human resources and workplace health promotion. The programs CHG offer can be tailored to the specific needs of your business to help you develop and manage your people. CHG offers:

Restoring your people to health and work...

CHG uses an evidence-based practice approach - ensuring the best use of the latest research to make the right decisions about care of the injured worker. We offer treatment that maximises success by combining specialist clinical knowledge and services while understanding the injured worker's needs and values. We offer the very latest in specialist equipment, facilities and know-how to offer the highest quality in service provision. The expertise and services that CHG offers to help restore your people to health and work include:

Injury Management

Keep your people healthy and safe...

Building a safe and healthy workplace sends a clear message to employees that their wellbeing is important and that they are valued by their employer. The bottom line - A healthy and motivated workforce and good practice injury prevention is critical to business success. CHG can work with you to deliver an integrated and tailored approach to health promotion and injury management to keep your people healthy and safe. CHG's services include:

Injury Prevention - Onsite Services

Periodic Assessment
  • Category and Licensing Medicals

Health Promotion

Corporate Health Group
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